TriConnect 1.0

Connect your PDA to other devices via Bluetooth, TCP/IP or serial

TriConnect is a freeware PalmOS program for communicating through Bluetooth, TCP/IP and Serial line. It can both establish outgoing and listen for incoming connections.

The program uses the TriComm C++ library to provide the following features:

Wireless communications over Bluetooth

  • Establish outgoing connections with other devices

  • Listen for incoming connections

  • Scan neighbourhood

TCP/IP Internet communications

  • Establish outgoing connections

  • Listen for incoming connections

  • SSL (Secure Socket Layer) support (outgoing connections only)

  • HTTP proxy support (method CONNECT)

  • SOCKS proxy version 4 and 5 support

  • Proxy authentification support for HTTP and SOCKS

Serial port communications

  • Send and receive data over a serial cable.

A feature packed communications solution which will soon become an essential on your Palm!



TriConnect 1.0